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When you think of the word “scam,” you probably imagine pop-up ads pestering you to complete a survey in exchange for a $100 gift card, or a Nigerian prince who just discovered that you are his next-of-kin. Unfortunately, not all scams are so easy to s Read More
In our last blog post, we discussed four basic components that you should consider when you’re ready to purchase a new garage door. But there are additional options for style and functionality that go beyond just the door itself. If you’ve found yourse Read More
Spring is almost here, and it’s the time of year when many homeowners decide to make improvements to their home. This year, as you make your home improvement wish list, consider adding “new garage door” as one of the items on your list. There are a n Read More
Your garage door is likely the largest piece of machinery in your home. Just like other complicated equipment, it requires proper maintenance in order to continue running reliably. The winter months can cause additional wear and tear on your garage door du Read More
If you’ve lived in the Northeast for a while, you know that we can experience brutally cold winter temperatures and that we see our fair share of snow and ice, too. That’s why you spend time preparing for the onslaught of cold weather — you tune Read More
We all know how to perform routine maintenance on appliances and systems inside our homes, but we often overlook the outside. We forget that performing regular maintenance to the exterior of our house, particularly painting, powerwashing and maintaining ou Read More

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